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School-Public Library Collaboration




Reach Across the Aisle for Partnerships that Transform Children's and Youth Services


Thursday, October 26, 2017, 2:00 p.m.

AzLA Conference

Mesa, Arizona


Description: Because you reached across the aisle… Meet the new toolkit for school and public library collaboration created by members of the American Library Association's Interdivisional Committee on School-Public Library Cooperation! We will share examples of successful partnerships, templates for contacting potential partners, helpful online resources, testimonials to make the case for collaboration, and tips for maintaining and evaluating collaborative relationships. You will have the opportunity to share your own experiences and ideas during small or whole group discussion. Leave the session with inspiration and tools to jump-start school-public library collaboration to transform youth services in your community.


Link to AASL/ALSC/YALSA  Public Library and School Library Collaboration Toolkit


Premise: When school and public librarians work together to provide exceptional children’s and young adult programming, they can transform literacy learning in their communities. Librarians in each type of library have talents, resources, and ideas to bring to the collaboration table. Youth services librarians that reach across the aisle year-round to work with one another can make a bigger difference than they can working in isolation from one another. It takes a village to transform literacy practices.

Session Content: After sharing the AASL/ALSC/YALSA School/Public Library Cooperation Toolkit and examples of partnerships, members of the AzLA community with experience in cross-institutional partnerships for children's and youth programming will be invited to join this presentation to share their experiences. Participants will engage in a discussion regarding the present and future of school-public library collaboration.

Note: This session is targeted to both school and public librarians. The toolkit will be accessible online beginning in spring 2018.


PowerPoint for this Session: Reach_Across_Aisle_102617.pdf


Presenters: Emily Howard, Patricia Jimenez, Jean Kilker, Mary Margaret Mercado, and Judi Moreillon 


For information about LSTA grants, please visit: https://www.azlibrary.gov/libdev/funding/lsta



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